Uncover the Seeds of your Soul

Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony


There is one night in the year when the energies of the moon meet the energies of the earth in such a way that physical youthing can occur. That night is the evening of the Harvest Moon.

From the heart of Africa, the ancient and sacred ritual of being with the energies of the moon and earth has been passed on. Now is the time for these ancient mysteries of youthing to be revealed once again.

Humans age according to linear time beliefs and patterns of the collective consciousness. We are eternal beings and it is possible to live in physical bodies that do not age in the conventional earthly way. This works not only on physical appearance, but also on vitality and at a cellular level. It can release two or more years cellularly of physical age for each year that you take part in this ancient ceremony.

Join in this sacred ceremony for turning back the clock of aging. Each year a person participates in this ceremony, internal and external energies are activated, opening the door for physical youthing to occur.

Some people sense their body unwinding for 24 hours after the ceremony is over; others go into a very deep meditative state; still others notice that they look significantly younger and that they have much

more energy in the days that follow.

On this night similar ceremonies will be occurring all over the world. Please join us for what promises to be a magical night. We will be outside around the fire so please dress accordingly.


Experience the past, present and future simultaneously, and receive an alignment of the soul and physical body that will assist in rejuvenating, healing and "youthing" your entire system.

Allow the powers of youthing to welcome you once again as it was passed on from Master Teacher to student.

Join me for a special ceremony on the full moon to rejuvenate, become and discover the secrets to living longer with more energy. This can also be received remotely as well.


  This year we will celebrate this magical time on Sunday September 27th, 2015 from 7:00 until....

 Suggested donation $48.00 . Space is limited.  Reserve your spot now.  Refreshments will be served after infused with magic.

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