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Angelic Cellular Light Weaving





Angelic light weaving is a healing method transmitted through the angelic kingdom that guides me in weaving angelic energies and Reiki. other symbols in various patterns throughout a person’s entire energy system. 

We will weave light above, below, and around the receiver’s entire body or weave the angelic energies within a particular chakra or area of the body.

 The light weaving energies emanating from my hands and fingertips can be used as a form of aura cleansing as well as to assist the physical and various subtle bodies to realign, reintegrate and repattern.

 Angelic light weaving can be used at any time during a session to clear the physical space, scan the auric field, release undesirable energies and blocks and infuse a particular energetic quality into the auric field. The sacred symbols may also be woven into the auric field.

Angelic light weaving is entirely intuitive and varies from moment to moment during a session.

Another application of light weaving is for healing and repairing areas of the physical and etheric bodies that have been affected by surgery or some other form of trauma (the etheric body is an energy duplicate of the physical body and is found in the layer of the auric field closest to it).

These sessions can be done in person and remotely. This is a beautiful and powerful Healing Session guided lovingly by the Angelic Realm.

If you would like to schedule a appointment please email me at, or

We will then set up a time to contact you and we can go from there and discuss your Healng session at this time.Each session usully last an hour but can run longer

You will not be charged for any extra time.If having this done by distance I will email you after about your session. Follow up is always included as long as is needed. 

 Cost per sessions is $84.00